Manufacturing Facility
Simulation/Training/Testing /Inspection Facilities
Administration Office


Below is the list of facilities available at our Factory. However, based on Customer requirement any other machine/facility if required can be purchased/made available in a short period of time.

Manufacturing Facility

BCPL has its own Manufacturing facility of around :
      10,000 Sq.Ft cover area for Manufacturing.
      2,000 Sq.Ft of specialized Machine shop for Precision Machining.
      700 Sq.Ft dust free closed room dedicated for Testing Lab (Quality).
      20,000 Sq.Ft of closed shed for Mechanical Manufacturing.
      2 Acres of open land for Manufacturing.
      "A" Frame [10 TON] and mobile Crane facility.
      Eighty HP Power for Production.

Machineries/ Equipments

Electrical /Electronics Facility

      Fully equipped and functional Electronic work bench - 07 NO

      Complete small value tools and tackles required for Soldering, Punching, Grinding, various Meters, Power sources etc.,

Mechanical Facility

      Welding Machine
      Pedestal Drilling Machine
      Complete Tools set
      Air Compressor
      Grinding Machine
      Cutting Set
      Sheet Bending Machine
      Angle Cutting Machine
      Complete Measuring tools set [Scale, Vernier Caliper, Screw Gauge, Tape etc.,]
      'A' Frame [10 TON]
      Mobile Crane

Simulation/ Training/ Testing/ Inspection Facilities

      High Energy Arc Ignitor Simulation
      Flame Scanner Amplifier Simulation
      Oil Gun Hydraulic Test Jig
      Gas Burner Assembly
      Gas Ignitor Assembly
      GAS with IFM Kit
      Duplex Oil Filter Assembly
      DP Oil Ignitor Kit with IFM
      Control Valve Kit
      Oil firing assembly (Oil Gun/ HEA/ SVFS) - Corner Fired
      Oil firing assembly (Oil Gun/ HEA/ SVFS) - Front Wall fired
      Corner Valve Skid assembly
      FSSS Corner Relay Logic Simulation (FFE)
      High Temperature oven with Recorder
      Digital Multimeter, Oscilloscope, DC Source, DC regulated Dual Power Supply
      Dimmer Stat, HV Test Kit, Megger, Timer/Counter, Tong Tester etc.,

Note : Company spends huge amount of time and money on training and R&D. Above is used for Customer training as well.

Administration Office

Located at the heart of Tiruchirapalli, BCPL Head office is well equipped with all the necessary office accessories including PCs, licensed Design Softwares, Printers, Photocopier, Scanner, Fax etc.,

All the Commercial, Engineering, Design and Finance oriented works are carried out in our Head Office premises.