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Power demand in the country is very high due to faster industrialization while the power generations from the operating units as well as new installed units are not adequate leaving a large gap between supply and demand.

The P.L.F of Boilers installed and operating in India were day by day going down as low as 45% to 52% due to frequent outages/more down time of Boilers. The major reasons identified by the Utilities/Consultants include frequent furnace explosions, frequent trips, tube failures, mill breakdown, inadequate process monitoring instruments, control and protection etc.,

Government, after studying the reasons for very low P.L.F through team of experts from CEA and other Utilities, decided to revamp the operating units to increase the availability, reliability, safety & efficiency in order to reduce fuel consumption, reduce O&M cost and save energy.

A Team of Boiler C&I experienced BHEL Engineers/Managers realized the need for a faster implementation of improvements in C&I and the potential business by retrofit of modern PLC/DCS/DAS and FSSS/BMS, Flame Monitoring system, reliable Ignitors, measures to avoid frequent trips, pollution control equipments. Ref BCPL Products List.

Hence a team of Engineers established BOILER CONTROLS PRIVATE LIMITED at Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu in the year 1989 to meet Customer’s timely requirement and to extend personalized services to all type of Boilers on C&I and Mechanical divisions, at the most competitive Price and Best Quality.

Many Customers have encouraged our group’s service for the Supply of System and Spares of modern Instruments as our team of Engineers have adequate expertise in system engineering in-line with international right Hardware, Application, Commissioning, tuning of Controls, Troubleshooting and System integration.

The Company over a span of 24 Years since incorporation has served nearly 100 Customers, has the credibility of executing single order of around Rs.8 Crores and is working towards expansion of C&I and associated critical Mechanical equipments to increase Efficiency, PLF, PAF safety etc., of Utility and Industrial Boilers.

We are also very frequently catering to the requirements of the New Power/Industrial Boiler requirements in the field of Fuel firing.